Beth Chester and Spray Away Cleaner & Stain Remover

By Beth Chester


Spray Away Cleaner & Stain Remover…

is a new non-toxic germ, mold and mildew killing EVERYTHING cleaner, stain remover, laundry detergent booster, carpet shampoo booster, fabric softener, wrinkle releaser, hand sanitizer and deodorizer in one that will dissolve brake dust and blood stains on contact. Spray Away will eliminate blood, coffee, red wine and pet stains without harming the color, fabric or material in under 10 minutes time. It cleans, disinfects and removes stains from literally everything.

The Spill

I had saved up enough money to finally replace the wall to wall carpeting on the second floor of my colonial style home after more than 20 years. I had spilled an entire cup of coffee on the carpeting in my bedroom next to my bed. So I tried my Electrolux Carpet Shampooer, a Bissell Carpet Shampooer and Extractor and just about every other stain remover to see if they would take out the stain. Nothing worked.

I Found My Cat Unresponsive on the Floor

When I returned from the carpet store after choosing the carpeting I wanted in my home, I found my cat unresponsive on the floor. He needed life saving surgery that was going to cost the exact amount of money I had saved for the new carpeting, padding and installation. I had no choice but to find a way of dealing with the stain and the filthy carpeting on my own. The holidays were just weeks away and I like my home to look immaculate during the holidays.

Chemical Reaction

So, I went into my kitchen and began to put some ingredients that I knew from taking years of Chemistry in college that would either, put a hole in my carpet, take the color out or clean it. As I poured the last ingredient into the mixture, a chemical reaction took place. I thought to myself, well if it puts a hole in my carpet it would be an improvement anyway.

So, I went to the coffee stain next to my bed and began to spray it in front of my oldest daughter who was 25 at the time. The coffee stain began to vanish before our eyes. I was so glad she was there, because I would have thought I might have been losing my mind. We both were shocked by what was taking place. After letting it dry and finding that the stain was completely gone and it had not harmed the color or the carpeting at all. As a matter of fact, it made it feel really soft to the touch and it smelled fantastic. So, we both felt compelled to use it on all the carpeting and the upholstery with amazing results.


So, I sent it to a few labs and big companies, like Proctor & Gamble and SC Johnson and Son. The Lead Chemist of one of the labs that I sent it to emailed me before I sent out all the samples to all the labs and companies. He said, “Come on Beth, we have Chemists here that have Doctrines in Chemistry. Don’t you think we would have thought of that by now?” I replied, “No; because nothing works like this”. He proceeded tell me that I needed to file for a patent before I sent the formula to him or anyone else. He has been a mentor of mine ever since because he tested it against Tilex on removing soap scum, Mr. Clean, Oxi Clean in laundry detergent boosting power and removing stains, Windex on windows and more. It tested to be Superior over all of them.

At this point, I felt compelled to sell. I first put it out there for testing by the businesses in my community to see if they felt the same way I did about the fact that it works on everything better than anything. AndI had an outstanding result. I had huge fans calling it “The best thing since sliced bread”. I went further to find that it was non-toxic and kills germs. Some of the worst germs on the planet!!

Filthy Hospital Floors

I was at my local hospital, in the emergency room with one of my kids and noticed the hospital floors and more were filthy (in my opinion). I took pictures and sent them to the Facilities Manager who passed them on to the man in charge of keeping the hospital clean. He had a Ph.D in Chemistry and had invented SepTek , a chemical that is used to breakdown the waste found in septic systems.

He swabbed the desk in front of me that looked clean; then he put the swab in a machine that had illuminated numbers that lit up as he did. Then he sprayed the same spot with Spray Away Cleaner & Stain Remover. As he did, he proceeded to tell me that non-toxic cleaners do not kill germs. I began to sweat. He then wiped the spot clean with a cloth and swabbed it again; then he put this swab in the same machine. The machine lit up and his mouth dropped to the ground. He has been a mentor of mine ever since as well. This fueled me further; even though this was not my background. This was never on my radar screen.


When I was in college, I took many courses that earned 4 credits because I excelled in them. One of them was Entrepreneurship. We learned to make a business plan from scratch with a made up concept. However, the rule that we needed to take heed was to know your business. I have been a Professional Athletic Instructor most of my life while working as a Restaurant Manager. I owned my own gym and went bankrupt because the kids that enjoyed attending and being part of a team could not afford it. So I let them attend for free and paid for many of them to go to Disney World to participate in National Cheerleading and Dance Competitions.

I owned a non-profit organization in hopes we could raise the money for the program but the businesses and the people in my community did not thing of Cheering and Dancing as a Charity they wanted to support. It nearly killed me to close my gym. I never imagined in a million years I would ever be selling anything, never mind a cleaning formula.

In addition, I never thought that I could compete or would be big enough to compete with these huge companies that have been selling us hundreds of cleaners every week that stock our cleaning closets at home. So I did not think I could earn a living selling a cleaner.

Doubling of Sales

My Sales have doubled every year since I started. However, I am not where I need to be yet. I did have laboratories test my cleaner and gave me reports; but they are not good enough to be able to make the claims on National Television or Worldwide and that is where I am going next. I met with a Buyer for QVC’s Home Shopping Network. He liked the fact that my cleaner worked so well on so many things and that it was non-toxic. I am in the process of starting to manufacture in the UK because we have done an in depth market analysis and the results were very encouraging. I also, recently auditioned for Shark Tank on ABC and have high hopes of being put on next season.

Consumer Product Safety Commission

No matter how it goes, I will need to have a certified lab by the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) to test my product and deem it safe for public use. It will need to be further certified by this lab that it kills germs, the germs it kills, what the kill ratio is and, to certify that it works better than Oxi Clean and Shout in removing stains and, better than Oxi Clean in laundry detergent boosting power. This cost could run in upwards of $30,000.00.

Loan Approval

I have been pre-approved by the SBA (Small Business Administration) for a loan. However, I need big money in sales to be able to pay it back. I will not be able to do that for years unless I can get national exposure. So, I applied for a Grant in a Chase driven Grant Program for small business. I have people willing to invest. I may have to go that route in order to get the testing done. However, I will cross that bridge when I come to it. I joined a BNI (Business Networking International). This is where I met the man that is helping me start the manufacturing process in the UK and having the market there tested for viability.

My Advice

My best advice is, listen to your gut. Be honest and up front about everything you do. Believe in yourself, even when no one else does, including your spouse and siblings. Give back when you can; and try to make a positive difference in the world as much as possible.

As far as the US Patent process. I found it to be incredibly expensive and totally not worth it. I had two General Patents pending. One was for Spray Away and they chose not to award me the patent because anyone can make a cleaner in their kitchen and supposedly they are not issuing patents for cleaners any longer. Plus, I found out that the ingredients become public knowledge and anyone can steal the idea. The other patent has been pending for 2 years; far, too long. If they do not issue the patent, someone could steal my idea. These patents cost me more than $10,000.00 each.

To see more videos of this incredible product in action making the worst stains vanish before your eyes, go to the Spray Away Cleaner Facebook page or the Beth Chester Channel on To purchase some or to download more readable information, make comments or, would like to touch base with me, go to

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Beth Chester and Spray Away Cleaner & Stain Remover

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