Those of us at Invention Stories have a small and simple goal in mind – to bring invention to all, help inventors to invent, and give free exposure to those who do. It is our goal to make invention a clearer and easier process by developing a community and resource pool for inventors and providing free exposure to them as well.

One aspect of our approach to achieving this goal is to share the stories of those who consider themselves inventors or those who are otherwise involved in the business of invention in order to spread their wisdom and experience. As I am sure you have heard before: Practice makes perfect. Unfortunately, invention isn’t like playing piano, and simply isn’t the sort of thing that can be practiced. Thus we here at thought, why not let inventors do the practicing for each other?

This is where you, our beloved readers and listeners come in. If you consider yourself to be an inventor (and we believe that term can be applied to those with patents as well as those who only got through the idea phase) then we need share your story. It is possible that some experience or piece of wisdom grown out of your experience as an inventor could be the last bit needed to push a fellow inventor to their next step successfully.

If you want help to develop a solution for inventors then email us at And if that doesn’t entice you (tho it should) than the fact that this is one way that we can provide you and your invention with free exposure must! We share your invention story on the Invention Stories Podcast for free – providing you with free advertisement and helping us to achieve our goal.

Thank you,

Robert Bear



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