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Quirky.com…I have an idea

I have an idea! What’s the best way to bring it to life? How to monetize my invention patent? Is Quirky.com the right platform for making money from my latest inventions?

At Invention Stories, we get a lot of queries from smart and innovative people of all ages who have this amazing new idea for a great new product and want to know how to make the most of it. There is a lot of curiosity about a free community-driven platform for innovators – Quirky, the Invention Company. 

Look, we know that it is not easy to be an inventor.  You’ll need to have a range of skills in different areas and it costs you a lot of money just to get your invention patent to the market. We know a lot of people who have these amazing new ideas but don’t know what to do next. 

Quirky.com…the Right Platform

Quirky.com is the right platform for such innovators – it helps bring their brilliant new ideas to life. Just submit your ideas to Quirky. What the platform does is to match inventors or people with great ideas with product designers, and with large manufacturing companies. 

If your idea is good enough, Quirky can help take it further, and launch a product line-up based on your invention.  Quirky.com was founded in 2009 with the goal of making inventions accessible to ordinary people who lack the support or the resources to bring their innovations to life. 

Basically, it was a platform where inventors submit their ideas. If the idea was good like as a bendable outlet called Pivot Power by a young college student by the name of Jake Zien. This smart invention made a multi-millionaire out of young Jake. 

Quirky.com Re-Launch

But things didn’t work out so well for Quirky after that and the start-up was shut down in 2015 because of its inability to turn profitable. Quirky was down, but not for long.  The Invention company was re-launched in 2017 with a new CEO and a new business model.

Basically, instead of manufacturing the products by itself, Quirky now pursues licensing deals for the inventions and ideas of its large community of inventors. 

Gina Waldhorn and Quirky

As Gina Waldhorn, the company’s new president says in an interview with the EntrepreneurWe’re no longer manufacturing anything. Instead, we’re working with third-party experts that have efficiencies of scale, sourcing, quality assurance, manufacturing, and relationships with retailers, to turn more ideas turned into real products, faster.

This is good news indeed. The website https://www.quirky.com is up and running again, and the large community that the platform has developed over the years is back. 

Quirky.com…303,441 inventions and counting

There have been over 303,441 inventions launched so far by Quirky. You can have a look at them at their shop. The company has a community of 1.23 million members, who have so far contributed 2,112,018 inventions to the platform. A total of $109.85 million in royalties have been paid to the inventors and influencers that use this platform. 

Quirky is still a platform for inventors to share their ideas.  When your product starts selling, you receive royalities. But instead of Quirky manufacturing the products itself, it licenses the idea or invention to other companies such as HSN and Shopify, which make the products. 

The Invention Stories Podcast

Episode 33…Debbie Schwartz, The Quirky Plush Toy Challenge, and Tune Zoo

We interviewed Debbie Schwartz, the winner of the Quirky Plush Toy Challange.  She won with her submission called Tiger Tunes which was eventually named Tune Zoo.  To learn more about or listen to this podcast please click here

Episode 36…Gina Waldhorn, President of Quirky

Gina Waldhorn assumed the role of President of Quirky in March 2017.  So her role is to steward the revitalization of the company, and to  run the day-to-day operations. Since Quirky’s public bankruptcy in 2015 under prior leadership, the Quirky community hasn’t quit.

As an inventor and Quirky user herself, Gina Waldorn was drawn to the role of revitalizer and champion of the Quirky mission, vision and community.  To learn more about or listen to this podcast please click here

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Quirky.com- Best Products in the World Come From Real People Like You

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