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When you see a new device, product, or method, it came from a person who saw something that others did not and had an idea. There are new products and devices that come out seemingly daily.  This is thanks to the free market world in which we live. Of course, not every new idea becomes a practical invention.  But it is important to encourage all ideas so that the world in which we live becomes a better place. 

The Invention Story…No Set Formula

There is no set formula for creating inventions.  Although, you may have noticed similarities between great inventors such as Thomas Edison, Nicolas Tesla, and the like. Every inventor has an invention story.  Every inventor benefits from a little luck.  Being at the right place and time to witness something that sparks an idea.  And the inspiration to take it to fruition. You’ll find that many inventors had help in one way or another.  Getting help is critical in finding a path to bring your invention to the market. 


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Inspiration only occurs when you have the right combination of insight and motivation. This is where your Invention Story provides the extra boost needed to show that your idea is something worth pursuing.  It provides a pathway so that your creation can find the right people to help make it a successful device or product. 

Why Invention Story is Important?  is a company that provides a pathway towards bringing your invention to life.  This is accomplished by sharing the stories of other inventors who have reaped the benefits of what they have created. By bringing to light those who have invented useful products or devices, the Invention Stories Podcast and provides free exposure that shows how your invention can be developed to its fullest potential. 


The Invention Story Provides A Window…

By offering free exposure and connecting with others who have also invented products or devices, your invention story provides a pool of resources that offers inspiration and motivation.  It adds the drive of success to your efforts so that you can make the most out of what you created. By offering the stories of others who have been down this road, the Invention Stories Podcast and provide a window to the experience and wisdom of those that have created useful items that benefits society.

Because the art of invention is something that cannot be practiced, the stories provided on the Invention Stories Podcast and  help aspiring inventors by offering the experience of others, so they can take the next step. Plus, once someone who has made their dreams come true, it become easier to create something again. The invention story provides that path to success, so you can learn from the experience of others.  So you can become successful again and again. 


How Invention Story Works for You 

There are several good reasons why the invention story can help you in your quest to bring an idea to life. Not only can you benefit from listening or reading the stories that are presented, you can also become part of the story itself.  By appearing and sharing what you have created so that others can provide support for what you have done. 

That Extra Push

That Extra Push: The art of invention is like creating music or painting a masterpiece. You use the creative elements of your mind to bring an idea to life. However, in many cases the process of making inventions falls short and needs that extra push. The Invention Stories Podcast and provides that extra push you need to make your creation real.  So that you can go from dreamer to an inventor. 

The extra push come from the inspiration provided by others who were in your shoes.  Other who have tried to make their ideas come to life. That little push of being inspired by the accomplishments of others means that your dreams can come true as well. 

Sharing Your Invention Story

Now that you have created your invention, which includes those who have patented a process or idea, The Invention Stories Podcast and lets you share it with the world. By sharing your story about how you came up with the idea, the work involved, and making it a reality will help others to do the same. Click here to learn more.


Many great inventions have been created, only never to be fully utilized.  This is because they never got the backing they deserved is a question that has no answer. It needs the proper backing to fully realize its potential. At, you will have the information provided by inventors just like you who have been through it before. That experience, along with exposing your invention on the website, will provide you with the information needed so that you can know what to do next. 

If you have an idea that you believe may benefit others, then you should learn others invention story to get the information, inspiration, and motivation you need to turn yours into an invention. Learning the stories of success provides that extra boost needed so that you can pursue your dreams and make them a reality. When you consider just how many people do so much work and yet never fully develop their ideas, having the Invention Stories Podcast and can really help. 

If you have invented something then the Invention Stories Podcast and is the place to share. You get the information need. Plus, you may inspire potential investors to help you make the most out of what you have created. Let your invention story be your pathway to success.  

Where to Start

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Subscribe to the Invention Stories Podcast on iTunesStitcherAndroid

Subscribe to the Invention Stories Podcast on iTunesStitcherAndroid


The Invention Stories Podcast Episode 1…Forbes Riley and SpinGym

We invite you to begin your journey by listening to the Invention Stories Podcast Episode 1…Forbes Riley and SpinGym.  Crowned by the press as the $2 Billion Dollar Host, she was determined to reach her goals — and through dedication, never ending passion and hard work.  Forbes is an award-winning TV host, author, motivational speaker, and life coach to celebrities and CEOs. She has helped millions take positive action in their own lives by sharing her passion for and unshakable belief in the impact a healthy lifestyle can make.

Before becoming  media success, having hosted of more than 150 infomercials and 20 years marketing products on home shopping channels worldwide, Forbes struggled with her own weight, something many of us can relate to and to her father’s unrealized dream of becoming an inventor.  She shares how these experiences help shape who she is.  For a great place to start, please click  here

The Lemelson Foundation

Lemelson Foundation:  The Lemelson Foundation uses the power of invention to improve lives, by inspiring and enabling the next generation of inventors and invention-based enterprises to promote economic growth in the US, and social and economic progress for the poor in developing countries. Established by prolific US inventor Jerome Lemelson and his wife Dorothy in the early 1990’s, and led by the Lemelson family, to date the Foundation has provided or committed more than $185 million in grants and Program-Related Investments in support of its mission.

To learn more about Jerome Lemelson please click here

To learn more about Dorothy Lemelson please click here

And for more about the Lemelson Foundation please click here

Edison Nation

Edison Nation utilizes a targeted approach to product development and licensing sets them apart. Their dedicated teams use proven strategies to commercialize your product idea whether it’s the next big consumer trend, the season’s top “As Seen on TV” hit or a groundbreaking medical device.

We featured the Founder and CEO of Edision Nation Louis Foreman on the Invention Stories Podcast and on  To learn more, please click here

To learn more about Edison Nation, please click here


Quirky is a free community-led invention platform that brings real people’s ideas to life. Invention is hard. It requires a diverse set of skills, and it costs a lot of money. Everyday people have brilliant ideas but no way to see them become real products. Quirky makes inventing and selling products possible by pairing inventors with product designers and big manufacturing companies that can bring their ideas to life.

Gina Waldhorn and Quirky

As Gina Waldhorn, the company’s new president says in an interview with the EntrepreneurWe’re no longer manufacturing anything. Instead, we’re working with third-party experts that have efficiencies of scale, sourcing, quality assurance, manufacturing, and relationships with retailers, to turn more ideas turned into real products, faster.

This is good news indeed. The website is up and running again, and the large community that the platform has developed over the years is back. 


Quirky on the Invention Stories Podcast



Episode 33…Debbie Schwartz, The Quirky Plush Toy Challenge, and Tune Zoo

We interviewed Debbie Schwartz, the winner of the Quirky Plush Toy Challange.  She won with her submission called Tiger Tunes which was eventually named Tune Zoo.  To learn more about or listen to this podcast please click here


Episode 36…Gina Waldhorn, President of Quirky

Gina Waldhorn assumed the role of President of Quirky in March 2017.  So her role is to steward the revitalization of the company, and to  run the day-to-day operations. Since Quirky’s public bankruptcy in 2015 under prior leadership, the Quirky community hasn’t quit.

As an inventor and Quirky user herself, Gina Waldorn was drawn to the role of revitalizer and champion of the Quirky mission, vision and community.  To learn more about or listen to this podcast please click here

To learn more about Quirky, please click here


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