Nancy Tedeschi and her invention, the SnapIt Screw

Eyewear Screw Repair Simplified


By Nancy Tedeschi

My name is Nancy Tedeschi and I am the inventor of the SnapIt Screw, a revolutionary way to repair your broken eyeglasses. When I was a child I was the kid that everyone bullied. I had buck teeth and I was constantly made fun of being called names like Bucky Beaver and Buck Teeth. Somewhere along the way I detached from myself so I didn’t have to feel the pain.

I barely graduated from high school and the counselors told my parents that I just was not a bright child. They gave me an IQ test and my IQ was 92. Seven years later, after graduating high school I applied to my local community college. They would not accept me unless I took some remedial courses. I took the classes and did very well and moved on to enroll in college. With my slow success in life, I began to develop self-confidence and boy, did I soar.

I invented the SnapIt Screw ( and I was able to bring my product from concept to the shelves of major retailers on my own. Only about one half of one percent of inventors can actually say that they have done this. After college, I was given another IQ test and my IQ scored 146, which should tell you a lot about what confidence can do for you. I knew that I was not stupid and know that if I was not bullied throughout my life, that I would have not had the strength and determination to pull through. I believe that God puts us all in a place throughout our lives in order to use us in the best way he knows how.


I now understand why I went through what I did when I was younger and want to direct my efforts towards a greater cause, to put an end to bullying. While teaming up with Jaylen’s Challenge I have decided to give back and support this little boy who can be a voice for so many children. Jaylen has a message that has begun to spread and I want to donate a portion of net proceeds from my company to help Jaylen take this problem nationwide.

My company is currently in the Top Ten products for Walmart’s Get On the Shelf contest. During April 11th to the 24th, consumers can visit where they can vote for the product that they would like to see on the shelves of Walmart. They can vote through Facebook once a day and text our product code of 656 in the message box to number 383838. Three top winners will be announced once the voting is complete, with the grand prize of product placement in Walmart’s all over.

Jaylen’s Challenge

While I understand the endless opportunities for my company if we were to win and get SnapIt Screw onto the shelves of every Walmart, I also see the endless amount of support that I could provide to different anti-bullying foundations, like Jaylen’s Challenge, to help bring bullying to an end. With my support and the support from my company, I could help to fund some of Jaylen’s dreams such as traveling to schools to speak about bullying and bringing an end to a problem that have been going on for far too long.

In life you sometimes don’t understand why you have to go through some of the hard times but I can honestly say that God had plans for me the day I was born. I would not trade my buck teeth for anything in the world and I hope that with the same determination that I used to conquer my self-esteem, get my product on the shelves of major retailers that I am able to help eradicate the bullying that occurs every day in this country.

My Journey

I applied for a patent in August of 2008 and I still have not received one for my eyewear screw repair kit in this county. The examiner has made several mistakes which I was successful in getting overturned. It cost me an additional 9 months in the system. I am receiving patents in foreign countries and still have not been able to navigate through the system in my own country.

I signed a license agreement with a big company in which they were to get my product on the market. Suffice it to say they did nothing for 9 months at which time I cancelled the agreement. I have been successful at putting the product on the shelves. Shame on me for not getting a more detailed agreement.

I paid a company that “promised to help me get a company to back my product and make me lots of money”. Of course nothing ever transpired. I then paid another company 10,000 dollars to bring my eyewear screw repair kit to the market.  After 4 months when nothing was done I demanded my money back and moved on. Lucky for me they gave it back to me.


Next I negotiated a contract with an infomercial company who was supposed to be my “partner” and bring my eyewear screw repair product the SnapIt Screw to the market. They were to come up with half the money and I would pay half the money.  We would share in the profits. Again after 4 months nothing was done after giving them $7,500.00 up front. Shame on me! They told me it would cost us 50,000 dollars, I would pay 25,000 and they would pay 25,000. After much research I ended up producing and testing the infomercial myself for a total cost of about $12,000.

Trying to get a return call back from a buyer at a major department store is impossible. For every 100 calls you make I might get one return call. My product actually works and makes fixing your eyewear screw repair a cinch. Please watch my video at

I am sure you are reading this and saying WOW how stupid can someone be? I would have to defend myself and say that I am a very successful business women. I’ve worked for myself for 25 years and I have a lot to show for it. I will say that the business I was in has nothing to do with being an inventor.

Eyeglass Repair Revolution

I tell people that I hate this screw and they laugh. It’s not that I really hate the screw because it really does revolutionize the way we will fix our eyeglasses. It makes eyewear screw repair simple but it is the process in which I hate. Through this process I can say that I found my passion. I have given talks at the Manhattan Inventors Association, the Greater Wenatchee Area Technology Alliance Center. I have several upcoming speaking engagements at Universities around the country. My goal now is to help other inventors navigate their way through a system that is impossible. Quite frankly I don’t care if I ever make any money doing it. I’m told that when you find your passion it is not work anymore and that is how I feel.

So Please help me get this story out to streamline this process.  This will help our economy recover and put people back to work.

Any questions you might have I can be reached at 518-487-1550 or

For more information, please visit and

Kindest regards,
Nancy Tedeschi

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Nancy Tedeschi and her invention, the SnapIt Screw

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