Best Water Filters…Water Water Everywhere…Go Ahead and Drink Every Drop

Best Water Filters…Water Water Everywhere…GO AHEAD AND DRINK EVERY DROP!

By Guido van Hofwegen


Hello, I’m Guido van Hofwegen, inventor of the Nazava water filter, and this is my invention story.

best water filterFor a company that has only been in existence for a little over a year, Nazava is already showing an outstanding record. It has sold a total of 20,000 ceramic water filters and has introduced 12 different product lines.  This gives consumers a variety of options. It also operates 6 different store locations throughout Indonesia, where consumers can directly purchase water filters.  They offer a delivery service to families who don’t live near stores.

Behind Nazava is Guido van Hofwegen from the Netherlands.  He wanted a simple solution for clean water that is affordable for everyone. He relocated to Banda Aceh, Indonesia from The Netherlands in 2007 with his wife to work with NGOs.  They are still operating there two years after the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake.

Difficulties in Obtaining Clean Water

Immediately, he observed the difficulties of obtaining clean, drinking water. “It’s expensive to buy water by the gallon for a dispenser at home or to boil water using a kerosene (or gas) stove. There are isi ulang (refill) stations to get clean water from, but the quality is not so good. Plus, it’s a hassle to transport water from the station with a bicycle, especially if you don’t live near a station.”best water filter

Determined to Make a Difference

Determined to change things around, Guido looked into ceramic water filters used by a water project in Bangladesh that he knew about from a friend. He also visited a factory in Brazil that produces the best water filters for home use.  He brought a sample back to Banda Aceh to use in his own home. Neighbours soon began noticing and asking how they can also get one for their house. Guido began taking orders for people from the factory in Brazil.  He realized unknowingly that created a market for water filters once the orders reached a couple thousand units.

Nazava Water Filter

In December 2009, Guido established Nazava in Banda Aceh.  This is where the Brazilian and Indian ceramic water filter candles are assembled by hand onto a variety of models that is a water filter, purifier and dispenser all in one. Tap, well, and river water can all be filtered to clean water that is 100% safe for human consumption with the Nazava ceramic water filters. The water produced by the Nazava water filter is healthier than the one found at the isi ulang stations.  They are tested and approved by several international institutions and the Government Health Department of Banda Aceh.

best water filter

Afforable Water Filter

Aside from the convenience of having it at home, the affordability of the Nazava water filters is what appeals most to residents in Indonesia. The best selling model, the Bening 1 or Clear Water Filter, only costs about 15 USD and filters 2 to 3 liters of water per hour. So the ceramic filter candles need to be cleaned weekly.  As a result, they are easily replaceable for only 50,000 ID(6 USD).


And the savings are plenty. A family of five drinks on average 15 liters per day or 5475 liters per year. At the isi ulang stations water costs around 4,000 IDR per 19 liters, which adds up to roughly 1.2 million IDR per year. A typical Nazava water filter costs around 140,000 IDR and filters 7000 liters before needing to change the filter candle. With Nazava water filters, the estimate cost of water is 21 IDR per liter, which for a year’s supply of water sums up to 115,000 IDR. The same family can save about a million IDR (117 USD) every year by purchasing a Nazava water filter once.

Water Filter Versus Bottled Water

When compared to obtaining drinking water through boiling, a family of five can save more than 43 USD per year in fuel costs.  And this assumes they consume 5,475 liters per year and buy kerosene at the cheapest cost of 4,500 IDR per liter. When switching from buying bottled water refills for gallon dispensers (the most expensive but common water supply), the family can save about 585 USD per year.

Nazava Water Filter Customers

Nazava water filters customers are pleased with their newfound conditions. So Guido commented, “They like the convenience of having their own clean water. They now don’t have to drink water so sparingly, and also use the clean water for washing vegetables. Most Noteworthy, Overall, it is a lot healthier with cleaner water from the water filter.”

Yet more information about the Nazava Water Filter and where it can be purchased can be found at and

Invention Stories Podcast Interview

So in 2017, Robert Bear interviewed Guido Von Hofwegen on the Invention Stories Podcast.  We believe this story to be so impactful that we encourage everyone to listen.  You won’t be disappointed. So click here to listen to the Invention Stories Podcast Episode 35…Guido van Hofwegen and the Nazava Water Filter.


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Best Water Filters…Water Water Everywhere…Go Ahead and Drink Every Drop

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