My Tot Clock (New & Improved)

  • With 10 fantastic features, My Tot Clock is the premier toddler sleep clock and a must-have parenting tool for families with small children. No other toddler clock comes close!
  • Illuminates 5 colors to manage all important Tot Time: Blue for Bed Time, Yellow for Wake Time, Cyan for Nap Time, Green for Fun Time, and Red for Thinking Time. !
  • Plays bedtime stories, lullabies, fun wake music, and even white noise! All sound features are configurable to create a routine that is just right for your family. Ships with the “It’s Night Night Time” Tot Clock Treasure; Other Treasure sold separately.
  • Changeable Faceplates make My Tot Clock even more fun for tiny tots! Match My Tot Clock to your child’s interests or bedroom theme! Ships with the Moon & Stars faceplate. Other fun faceplate designs sold separately, including Princess, Dora the Explorer, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Dinosaur Train!
  • Other features include Energy-Saver, Weekend Wake Time, Night Light with 5 Levels of Illumination, Hidden Parent Controls, and Analog & Digital Clock Displays. This amazing little clock has it all!


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My Tot Clock is the perfect all-in-one toddler clock for tiny tots and their sleepy parents. It includes a sleep clock, alarm clock, nightlight, timeout timer, and activity timer in one! The magic of My Tot Clock is that it changes colors to teach little ones when it’s time to sleep (blue light) and when it’s okay to wake (yellow light). Parents set the routine! My Tot Clock, with analog and digital clock displays, also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, fun wake-up music, and even white noise to make the traditionally stressful bedtime and morning routines more enjoyable. No more negotiating before bedtime! New Tot Clock Treasures available, including Christmas, Classical Music, and Most Loved Bible Stories! My Tot Clock also includes a light blue light for nap time or quiet play time, a red light when a little thinking time is needed, and a green light for any positive timed activity like potty training and picking up toys. Managing important tot time has never been easier! My Tot Clock comes with the “It’s Night Night Time” Tot Clock Treasure, the “Night Sky” Faceplate, and AC Power Adapter. Measures 7″ x 5.5″ x 2″. Additional Tot Clock Treasures and Faceplates sold separately. Guaranteed better sleep or your money back!

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