Episode 4…Spencer Trotter and the Anywhere Fridge Part 2


What is better than a solar powered refrigerator…The Anywhere Fridge

This is the second part of the Invention Stories Podcast with our guest Spencer Trotter.  Click here for Episode 3…Spencer Trotter and the Anywhere Fridge Part 1


Just Imagine…

breaking out the best solar powered refrigerator at a tailgate party.  Forget the ice…that is so last century.  How about at the beach?  Forget the heavy, sloshing coolers of the pathetic.  You care about the environment and keeping your drink cold.  Others will notice.


Cell phone dying…just plug it in.  This isn’t any ordinary solar powered refrigeration…you’ve got the Anywhere Fridge and it won’t let you down.

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Anywhere Fridge Facts

The Anywhere Fridge comes with a fully miniature hermetic compressor with integrated control electronic voltage protection and adjustable for consumer or starter battery by means of slide switch Electronic fuse/automatic reverses pole protection.

· Full-Range Thermostat: The full range digital thermostat that is adjustable from -4° to 50° F

· Fast Freeze Function: This fridge/freezer’s compartment freezes down to -4° Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes

· Dual Purpose: This portable refrigerator freezer allows you to chill or freeze or keep your goods warm while traveling.

· AC and DC Adapter Included and solar powered: The Anywhere Fridge may be powered via AC or DC power and or by the solar cells that charges the ion-lithium smart battery and comes with cables for both applications.

. Built-in UV light that automatically illuminate at night and destroy 99.9% of germs so it’s always sanitized.

· Insulated reinforced PVC walls: Insulated PVC walls keep your goods cold long after electrical power is gone

. The Anywhere Fridge resistance factor for the installation in the walls is as follows: 7- ( R ) better than the standard witch is ( 6 )- R

. The compressor unit automatically shuts off when collapsed while still being able to plug your phone or laptop into the Anywhere Fridge to charge

· Solar power portable collapsible freezer-refrigerator

· 85 quarts storage capacity

· Easy-to-read digital LED temperature control panel

· AC and DC power adapters included for household or vehicle use

· Compressor-based cooling for fast freezing function

· Insulated lid with integrated solar / slide out panels


· Retractable handle with wheels for easy transport

· Rounded edges for added safety

· Durable, rugged sleek design

· Built-in slide out solar cells that charges the ion-lithium smart battery for night usage

. High-efficiency solar panels provide 135-watts to run and charge the 104-watt refrigeration unit all day and charge it for night usage

. Built-in smart battery that last all night for up to 12hr

· Fast freeze function rapidly cools unit to -4° F

· Temperature range: -4° F to 50° F

· AC power lead with 8′ detachable power cord included

· DC power lead with 8′ detachable power cord included

. 2 Built-in USB and 1-AC charging ports with a input for car or house usege

· Input voltage:220V AC / 12/24 V DC / 60Hz

· Power: 60 W / 1 A

· Weight: from 38 lbs


Don’t settle for any solar powered refrigerator…

For more information, please visit www.anywherefridge.com





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Episode 4…Spencer Trotter and the Anywhere Fridge Part 2

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