Episode 39…Louise White Designer/Inventor at Me First! Designs, Inc.


Freelance Inventor, Louise White been an award-winning Industrial Designer for over eighteen years.  She specializes in plush toys, plastic toys, fabrics, and accessories for the infant – teen market. So Louise has designed individual products and entire lines for some of the biggest companies in the industry including; Toys R Us, International Playthings, Rashti & Rashti, Bestever, Alex Toys, Ohio Art, Mary Meyer, Brainy Baby, Dolly, Summer Infant, Infantino, Kids II, Prestige Toy, Goody Products, Crown Craft, Sassy, and many others. Her “Taggies” product line for International Playthings was a highly successful and lucrative license.

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Louise White has been the President and Head Designer at Me First! Designs since launching it in 1998.  Her designs have earned more than twenty awards including the prestigious Oppenheim Best Toy award, the Dr. Toy Best Toy award, and the Parenting Media award. Louise designs have also been featured in numerous publications and she is considered among the elite in her field.


The Invention Stories Podcast Episode 39 Recap

We are often contacted by inventors on how to become a successful freelance inventor.  Louise White has made a career of being a freelance inventor/designer.  So she has spent nearly 20 years working as a freelance inventor, developing products from ideas. And that is why we contacted Louise to interview on the Invention Stories Podcast.

Freelance Inventor…

We started off by asking Louise about the recent Toy-R-US struggles, it didn’t catch her off guard.  One day while presenting some ideas them, she learned of the layoffs.  Louise believes that Toys-R-Us will rebound but they will still need to learn to compete with Amazon.  She shares her ideas on how they can do just that.

As a Result

As a child, Louise wanted to be an artist.  Her parents were teachers, so higher education was encouraged.  They also collected antique toys that fascinated her.  Louise learned about industrial design and choose to attend the Pratt Institute in New York City.  She shares the details of some of her assignments.  Her father drove her to college each day and has been an integral part of her success.  Louise’s father has a mechanical engineering mind and they work together on her freelance invention today.


So Louise has a freelance inventor mindset. Meaning that everywhere she goes if she sees something that does work efficiently, she imagines how to fix it.  I have spoken with many inventors who think the same way, it’s very common.  In fact, they HAVE to imagine the improvement, it’s not an option.

Working In-House

So Louise shares how she ended up working at Prestige Toys and what she learned there.  So she found out quickly that she didn’t want to work in-house.  Louise likes the freedom that comes with being a freelance inventor and shares the pros and cons.   Being a freelance inventor, her design can end up being modified, occasionally for the better but sometime for the worse.

Would Rather Work in Partnership

Louise prefers to work in partnership with another inventor.  She believes two minds can create a better product.  So having been burned by companies who stole her idea she shares her theory behind partnerships.  There are “quality” companies she prefers to work with and Louise happily shares her best ideas with.

Rather Recieve a Royalty

I talked with her about how she is being paid.  So Louise enjoys receiving a royalty agreements with an advancement.  Some companies only give royalty agreements and that can be risky.  Other companies pay you and you’re done.  So she believes companies should always include a royalty because the inventor or designer will have a vested interest in its outcome.  “They will give 1000% effort instead of 100%.

Most of all, Louise prefers…

I asked her about her dream phone call.  So Louise says its when she offers multiple concepts and they accept all of them.  She enjoys doing entire lines of products and explains what that means.  So Louise loves working with licenses like with Disney and Hello Kitty.  She enjoys finding out what the client wants and creating them options.

Freelance Inventor…it’s up to You

Being a freelance inventor…you have to hustle.  And you can’t get down from rejection.  So Louise believes that you can’t get comfortable with a client because anything can happen.  You have to grind.  Any client can change their mind at anytime.  I asked her about when multiple clients offer her work and she prefers that.  So she enjoys juggling her time and he family supports her.  Louise works lots of odd hours and prefers working late at night.


Louise shares the benefits of being a mother of three has on designing toys.  She gets regular feedback by watching her children’s interact with toys.  And Louise is a big believer of creating more affordable toys.   Every kid deserves the opportunity to enjoy them.

In Conclusion

Finally, I ask Louise what advice she would give to those interested in inventing.  So we encourage you to listen to this episode of the Invention Stories Podcast to find out her answer.


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Louise White- Work Experience

Louise White- Education

More Information about Louise White, Freelance Inventor/Designer

For more information please visit http://www.mefirstdesigns.com/

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Episode 39…Louise White Designer/Inventor at Me First! Designs, Inc.

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