Episode 23…Jeff Woolf and the Morpher Helmet Part 2

The Morpher Helmet

Jeff Woolf had a severe bicycle accident on the road in Hampstead, London and believes because he wore a helmet, it saved his life.  So he performed a survey where he learned the majority of cyclists were riding without helmets. This survey found that most cyclists said that they didn’t use one because they felt that they were too cumbersome to carry around all day. As a result, Jeff designed the Morpher Helmet that folds flat and more portable.

Episode 22…Jeff Woolf and the Morpher Helmet Part 1 Recap

Jeff Woolf  is an English inventor, businessman, journalist and innovation specialist.  He was born in Edgware, Middlesex, England  September 17, 1959.  

 Jeff has been awarded an  Officer of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II in 2001, for services to innovation and business.  He has a strong background in business and twice awarded British Inventor of the year.He is also a fellow of the Royal Society for the Encouragement of Arts, Manufactures and Commerce.

Jeff is the middle child with an older and younger sister.  His late grandfather, Stanley Wagner, invented the Jif lemon and his mother, Valerie, invented several calendar and accounting systems.  He was educated at Clifton University in Bristol.

Jeff Woolf and Holography

Jeff began his inventing career in 1979, working with white light holography. He attended the first world symposium on holography in 1980, in Boston and studied holography at the New York School of Holography.

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Jeff Woolf and MicroMap

Jeff developed the MicroMap System in 1993, where he oversaw the design and manufacture of it. He invented with Skiers in mind who had trouble opening and closing traditional maps in elements.first used MicroMap. The MicroMap consisted of credit-card sized miniaturized maps which fitted into the viewer and held in a precisely curved plane. The MicroMap viewer had a move-able lens system which re-enlarged the cards, allowing a user to have a clearer view of the information.

So Jeff created an injection moulded lens to save on cost.  As a result, this made assembly of the MicroMap viewer a much simpler process. He also developed systems to print information onto credit cards at high resolutions of more than six million randomly placed and sized dots per square inch.

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There is a display on the development of MicroMap in the Science Museum in London.  In addition, MicroMap has been featured in the Millennium Dome and awarded the Millennium product status.  MicroMap produced cards for Ordnance Survey, the Automobile Association, USGS and Michelin.  In addition, MicroMap has been used by the SAS for bomb disposal and survival information.

The idea for the Morpher Helmet

At the end of the podcast Jeff Woolf recounts the accident that led him to develop the Morpher Helmet.

Episode 23 is the Second in a Three Part Series


We invite you to check you listen to part 1 and 3…

Part 1 is Episode 22…Jeff Woolf and the Morpher Helmet

First of all Jeff shares his background with bicycles and the environment he grew up in.  In addition he shares his passion for holography. Later Jeff shares his journey with MicroMap and how it was successful but not for him.  Jeff shares how he headed up a fund looking at inventions seeking investment.  Finally, he shares how the best bicycle helmet came to be…the Morpher Helmet.  Click here to listen to the Invention Stories Podcast Episode 22…Jeff Woolf and the Morpher Helmet Part 1

Part 3 is Episode 24…Jeff Woolf and the Morpher Helmet

Jeff Woolf shares why the Morpher Helmet hinge isn’t traditional.  So when the manufacture ran the first 100,000 units of the Morpher Helmet, they made them all too big.  Apparently, there was a communication breakdown.  You can sense the frustration in Jeff’s voice as he shares the opinion of friends and family members who believed this Morpher Helmet invention was stresses him out.  Jeff’s crowdfunding success much appreciated and he shares how his campaign helped power him forward.  Incredibly, Queen Elizabeth II of England has bestowed the OBE on Jeff and he shares this incredible day with our listeners.

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Episode 23…Jeff Woolf and the Morpher Helmet Part 2

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