Spencer Trotter and the Anywhere Fridge Update

Solar Powered Fridge…


It’s time to update this story because the world needs a exceptional solar powered fridge.  With the exception of air conditioning, the refrigerator uses the most energy of any appliance.  I would have thought most homes would be built with solar panels by now and include a solar powered fridge.  I Love the Anywhere Fridge because it’s even better than just a solar powered fridge (which would be great) so I contacted Spencer Trotter to ask some additional questions:

How do you plan to stay ahead of your competition or is there another company building a solar powered fridge?

I believe that the Anywhere Fridge is more than just another product but rather a necessity for a better lifestyle; While there are small portable refrigerators on the market currently, they are not very portable and cannot be taken anywhere as they are bound to a wall outlet for power. With the Anywhere Fridge you can charge and power it anywhere.

As the inventor I wanted to go above and beyond with what we decided to implement in the AF, The AF offers built-in slide out solar panels with a smart ion polymer battery that last up to 12-hours for all night use along with UV lights to kill 99.9% of germs with AC/DC/USB charging outlets for your phone or laptop and collapses for true portability which other small portable refrigerators do not offer any of these Luxuries. The Anywhere Fridge is a solar powered fridge that can even be charged via AC or DC outlets.

How did you decide on a manufacturer?

Finding a manufacture turned out to be quite a cumbersome endeavor; The very first mechanical engineering firm that I ended up choosing to help design and fabricate my production Prototype turned out to be a disaster! After waiting six months when I was promised a two-months turnaround time frame from them and paying a pretty hefty down payment for them to send me my initial CAD designs for the Anywhere Fridge Prototype; they ended up sending me CAD drawings that were nothing near what I envisioned for my invention to look like or function as. I was very frustrated to say the least.

After wasting precious time and money with them, I began to research multiple engineering firms across the country and finally found one that can do the job after ensuring they understood the complexity of my project. After working very closely with my new mechanical and electrical engineers for a little over a year, we were finally able to test and produce a working prototype. Just any solar powered fridge would have been easier but was fairly hard getting an engineer to understand the Anywhere Fridge as it had never been done before.

How will you market the Anywhere Fridge?

We plan on marketing the Anywhere Fridge via social media outlets such as Kickstarter,Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Amazon/Alibaba and our website and eventually getting into major retail stores.

We had written about you being on Shark Tank…(why you decided not to go on it?)

Shark Tank had contacted us a little over two years ago and I was ready to go on the show!! I asked some of my family members to help me with my project/invention, when Shark Tank contacted us.  I did not know about it until after one of my family members decided a month later to tell me that they had called and offered me a chance to be on the show and had made a decision on my behalf and told Shark Tank that I wasn’t ready to go on the show, which I didn’t know about. When I tried to contact them back it was to late as they had already started filming with other projects/selections for the show.

This is a prime example of how business and family sometimes unfortunately just do not mix very well. As the individual in my family felt I wasn’t quite ready because of my current sells of the Anywhere Fridge etc. but that simply wasn’t true according to Shark Tank producers.

At this point I’m just hoping they contact me again because I am more than ready even more so than before.

What have you been working on since we first posted your story?

I have been working tirelessly and very closely with my new electrical/design/mechanical engineering team as well as overseas sourcing and tooling manufactures for mass production of the Anywhere Fridge. We are now ready to bring it into mass production and on the market as I was hoping to do two years ago.  I did not anticipate the complications and up hill battles that I would encounter as an entrepreneur.


The Anywhere Fridge comes with a fully miniature hermetic compressor with integrated control electronic voltage protection.  It is adjustable for consumer or starter battery by means of slide switch Electronic fuse/automatic reverses pole protection.

· Full-Range Thermostat: The full range digital thermostat that is adjustable from -4° to 50° F

· Fast Freeze Function: This fridge/freezer’s compartment freezes down to -4° Fahrenheit in a matter of minutes

· Dual Purpose: This portable refrigerator freezer allows you to chill or freeze or keep your goods warm while traveling.

· AC and DC Adapter Included and solar powered.  The Anywhere Fridge may be powered via AC or DC power and or by the solar cells that charges the ion-lithium smart battery and comes with cables for both applications.

. Built-in UV light that automatically illuminate at night and destroy 99.9% of germs so it’s always sanitized.


· Insulated reinforced PVC walls: Insulated PVC walls keep your goods cold long after electrical power is gone

. The Anywhere Fridge resistance factor for the installation in the walls is as follows: 7- ( R ) better than the standard witch is ( 6 )- R

. The compressor unit automatically shuts off when collapsed while still being able to plug your phone or laptop into the Anywhere Fridge to charge

· Solar power portable collapsible freezer-refrigerator

· 85 quarts storage capacity

· Easy-to-read digital LED temperature control panel

· AC and DC power adapters included for household or vehicle use

· Compressor-based cooling for fast freezing function

· Insulated lid with integrated solar / slide out panals

· Retractable handle with wheels for easy transport

· Rounded edges for added safety

· Durable, rugged sleek design

· Built-in slide out solar cells that charges the ion-lithium smart battery for night usage

. High-efficiency solar panels provide 135-watts to run and charge the 104-watt refrigeration unit all day and charge it for night usage

. Built-in smart battery that last all night for up to 12hr

· Fast freeze function rapidly cools unit to -4° F

· Temperature range: -4° F to 50° F

· AC power lead with 8′ detachable power cord included

· DC power lead with 8′ detachable power cord included

. 2 Built-in USB and 1-AC charging ports with a input for car or house usege

· Input voltage:220V AC / 12/24 V DC / 60Hz

· Power: 60 W / 1 A

· Weight: from 38 lbs

For more information please visit www.anywherefridge.com

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Spencer Trotter and the Anywhere Fridge Update

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