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Debbie Schwartz | Quirky.com
It was such a thrill and honor to participate in the podcast. Robert Bear is a great interviewer and made me feel so comfortable as we discussed my background and my invention, Tune Zoo, a plush musical toy with touch sensors. I hope I was able to convey my experiences and participation with the invention site called Quirky and help others along the way as they discover and follow their passion and dreams of becoming an inventor.
Nancy Tedeschi | http:/www.snapitscrew.com
I love your work on getting knowledge out to other inventors and to people who might have an idea and not know where to go to develop it. These stories are full of information and resources to help inventor navigate a very tough system.

Thanks you so much and I am so looking forward to more stories.
Sister Jenny | jentiltouch.com
I would like to thank Robert Bear for the incredible opportunity to be interviewed on Invention Stories Podcast from Morro Bay California. I am very passionate about getting the word out about how Sister Jenny JEN-TIL TOUCH Healing and Beauty Creams have healed so many people. Through the podcast I was able to reach many more people all over the world , who will benefit. I have definitely noticed an increase in traffic and sales on my website and online store since the podcast and I am very grateful to be recognized and included in the amazing Invention Stories podcast.
Elizabeth Crouch | thecupcakerack.com
The Invention Stories Podcast and InventionStories.com, and of course Robert Bear, have given great exposure to upcoming inventors, like myself, who otherwise would not have had a platform to tell our story.
Robert's genuine interest in his guests and helping inventors move forward with their projects is a true sign of selflessness, and I really appreciate him!
Thank you for listening to my story and sharing other's stories on your sites, Robert!
If you're an inventor looking to share your story, contact Robert...he listens!
So inspiring! These stories are fantastic!
Sam Shames | http://embrlabs.com
Thanks for having me on the podcast, and it was fun to share the story of Embr Wave.
Jessica Haynes/President/Socket Saver Corp. | socketsaver.com
Robert Bear of InventionStories.com and his podcast is a revolutionary success for both inventors and customers. I am pleased to be a sponsor for this platform with our invention the Socket Saver™. Invention Stories brings the highest quality products to you and is a true model for success for anyone wanting the best of the best. I have been with Invention Stories since 11-7-2014 and his vision and results keep getting better and better. Robert Bear truly cares that you get what you want. Quality + Know-How + Passion = Results! Enjoy our podcasts with Robert.

Sincerely, Jessica Haynes

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